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12 Ski Holiday Tips (Budgeting & Planning Made Easy)

Whether you’re a seasoned ski bunny or a total newbie, you’re probably aware of how pricey ski trips can be.

From the ski lift passes to the equipment hire, everything adds up. In peak ski season, it’s easy to spend a hefty sum on just a few days of skiing.

12 Ski Holiday Tips (Budgeting & Planning Made Easy)

Now, if you’re wondering how to plan a ski trip on a budget, we’re here to tell you it can be done. With a little bit of savviness, a few small sacrifices, and a tad more research, it is possible to organise a ski holiday on a much smaller budget than you may think.

 Read on for our 19 ski holiday tips and learn more about how to plan a cheap ski trip:

Pick the right time to go

OverBoard Blog - 12 Ski Holiday Tips (Budgeting & Planning Made Easy) Pick the Right Time to GoFor a ski holiday, as with any holiday, so much of the total cost will be determined by when you go. And we’re not just talking flights. Most ski resorts can hike up their prices in the peak seasons, purely because they know they’re bound to sell out.

If you’re travelling with your family and are constrained by school term dates, opt for Easter rather than a half-term as it can work out cheaper. If you’re not travelling with kids, go straight after or before the peak season to reap the benefits of the weather without paying the premium prices.


Opt for all-inclusive

Let’s face it:

The costs when you’re out on the slopes can really add up. You usually end up spending considerably more than you were intending to.

The best part of going for all-inclusive? You’ll know exactly how much you need to spend on your flight, food, drink, equipment, transfers and accommodation, and can plan accordingly.

Sure, paying for everything at once may feel a little painful, but you’re ultimately getting a better deal in the long run. Bundling everything together means your travel company can get you great discounts. And it also helps with budgeting and planning - you’ll spend virtually nothing once you’re out there.

Stay in a chalet

OverBoard Blog - 12 Ski Holiday Tips (Budgeting & Planning Made Easy) Stay in a ChaletIf you’re not ready to book an entirely all-inclusive trip, you could choose to stay in a chalet. Chalet board usually includes breakfast and dinner, as well as lots of wine!

This means you won’t need to splurge on the expensive slope side restaurants which tend to have hiked up prices for tourists and can be crowded during the peak seasons. Instead, you can enjoy a dinner in your very own cosy and private chalet.

As extravagant as a chalet may sounds, they can actually work out to be a great deal if you’re going in a group. It’s perfect for a family or a large set of friends.

So, if you’re wondering how to plan a cheap ski trip - start by getting a group together!


Yep, it’s a simple trick but it could save you plenty of £££ on food and travel. If you head to the slopes with a car you can save yourself money on transport, and it also makes it so much easier to pack your own food and drinks. You can head to the supermarket and cook your meals rather than splurging on restaurant bills three times a day.

Get self-catering accommodation

Speaking of cooking, make sure you book a place that has self-catering facilities. You may not want to cook up a storm three times a day, but you can prepare certain meals.

Trust us, if you go for a week-long ski trip, you’ll be glad you have the option.

Learn to love a packed lunch

Now, a packed lunch on the slopes may not be what you imagined.

But a lot of the additional costs on your ski holiday can include pricey food. You can save considerably by heading to the nearest supermarket and picking up some great sandwich fillings and local snacks. Take your packed lunch up the mountain with you and you can enjoy your lunch with a view for less than half the price.

Look at it this way, at least it’s a little more exciting than the local Tesco Express!

Some resorts even have dedicated indoor picnic rooms so you won’t have to devour your sandwiches in the cold. 

Be savvy with your spending

Confused about where to convert your currency?

Not sure which credit card gives you the best deal?

There are several savvy travel money tips you can follow to get the most out of your ski trip spending. Some of the most obvious-yet-essential ones include:

  • Don’t buy your currency at the airport. You’ll get the worst exchange rate.
  • Avoid using your UK credit or debit card. Each transaction will charge you pretty hefty fees. Luckily, new digital banks such as Monzo and Revolu tallow their customers to use their cards abroad without a charge. And they always offer the best available exchange rate, whether you’re withdrawing cash or spending on your card abroad.

Browse for the best ski gear deals online

OverBoard Blog - 12 Ski Holiday Tips (Budgeting & Planning Made Easy) Browse for the Best Ski Deals OnlineIf you’re reading this to learn how to book a ski trip for beginners, it’s likely that you don’t have your ski gear as yet.

Now, you could always borrow or rent your ski gear. But if you’re planning on going on more than one ski trip in your life, it makes sense to invest in quality items that are long-lasting and durable.

Now, you don’t want to have to buy anything when you’re out on the slopes, as it’ll come at a huge premium. Plan what you need to take in advance so you can order the essentials online, rather than in-store. For everything from your ski hat to your waterproof waist pack, you’ll be able to find some great deals and a huge range of options online.

Head somewhere other than the Alps

Now, it’s likely that when you dreamed of your next ski trip, you imagined yourself whizzing down the famous Alps.

One of the best ski holiday tips to save yourself money is to avoid the Alps.

Sure, they’re scenic and stunning. But thanks to their much-loved status, a trip to the popular Alpine resorts also comes with a premium price tag.

There are actually a host of other beautiful ski resorts you could discover around Europe, that may prove to be more affordable options.

Get your lift pass in advance

OverBoard Blog - 12 Ski Holiday Tips (Budgeting & Planning Made Easy) Get Yourself a Lift Pass in AdvanceAs you’re figuring out how to book a ski trip, you may decide that you’re not ready to go for a full-on all-inclusive option. In that case, try bundling in just one or two items together that you know you’ll definitely need to get. For instance, you know you’ll definitely need a ski pass to hit the slopes.

Look for a package deal that includes a lift pass with your accommodation. You can book this in advance to spread the cost of your ski trip, and you’re likely to get a more favourable exchange rate in the UK.

Book well in advance, or right at the last minute

Hear us out:

Booking a holiday early can come with significant savings - we’re all aware of that. But there are many travel companies that offer amazing offers if you book at the last minute. The truth is, hotels and resorts don’t want to leave their rooms unoccupied. If they have availability at the last minute, they’ll drop their rates just to get the room filled.

This may not be possible for everyone. But if you are able to plan a spontaneous ski trip, you may find yourself saving quite a bit on your accommodation costs.

OverBoard Blog - 12 Ski Holiday Tips (Budgeting & Planning Made Easy) Recommended BagsBook directly with the resort or hotel

Although travel companies and tour operators can offer great deals if you’re looking for all-inclusive packages, you’d be surprised at the discounted rates you can get if you book directly with a hotel.

If you’re not looking for all-inclusive, it is worth calling up some of the hotels or self-catering apartments you are considering. You may be able to negotiate a deal with them which includes lift passes.

Remember, they’ll be keen for you to book directly as it cuts out the fees they have to pay the middleman tour operators.  

Hopefully, the above 12 tips will help you save money here and there as you work out how to plan a ski trip on a budget.

Oh, and a couple of other general ski holiday tips to leave you with: remember to keep all your ski gear protected by investing in a good waterproof backpack, and protect your eyes and skin with ski sunglasses and a trusty SPF cream. Happy skiing!

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